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Why We Started “MOGO”: Our Story

Years ago I was just like you, a parent discovering how parenting should look like in her family. Watching my first-born child, I was astonished by his pureness. A pureness that touched my heart and was filled with so much beauty and richness (if you are a parent, you probably know what I mean). As a holistic-oriented psychologist specialized in the themes of resilience and happiness, I knew very well the benefits of being able to experience pure life in all its forms. Determined to raise a child that kept this relationship with their pure core, I started my journey figuring out everything there was to learn about helping children deal with real life. But, little did I know, most of the tools and toys for children on the market did not focus on the well-being of my child. The focus was more on something they had to be or become. As a child and health psychologist, I knew all too well the negative effects of a child losing their special relationship with their pure self and the pureness of life.

Armed with this goal of living a holistic-inspired lifestyle with my family, I started my journey to find tools that could support me. I first tried the mainstream toys, but I quickly figured out they didn’t align with my philosophy of pureness. Then I tried alternative toys. Even though they were a bit better, they still lacked the functionality I needed to integrate them smoothly into my life with three children, a partner, and a job. Unfortunately, I could not find what I was looking for. One morning, I realized that it was no wonder I was struggling. After all, I lived in a Western, mainly individualistic-oriented society where my more holistic approach to life was not all that common. So I slowly started to consider the idea of creating tools myself.

I tried my first creations with my own children and quickly found myself having deep and meaningful conversations about all kind of interesting themes. I thought I already knew a lot about my children and myself, but I was wrong. I learned things I probably never would have known if I hadn’t started to make my own tools.

Soon other friends, parents, and psychologists requested to work with my tools and before I knew it, we had over 80 printable tools! Materials that contribute to a safe place where parents and children can connect with their pureness and learn together.

And guess what? It worked. I had many parents letting me know that they noticed their child was able to connect, accept, and express themselves purely, while feeling safe and deepening their connection with others. What struck me the most was that some parents even noticed that our more holistic-inspired view on life gave their child a feeling of inclusion. Why? Because the child felt part of something bigger than themselves. But, of all these things, the most important for me was that our materials helped children to find home within themselves and dared to connect with the pureness of the ones they loved. And that’s when I started the concept of Mogo, a character that helps children and parents to grow together, while staying pure to their own essence and the larger essence of life.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to read on and explore all the wonderful things we have in store for you and your beautiful family.

 Why we need “MOGO”?

I heard a very loud yell coming out of the kitchen. I was eight years old, playing with my dolls in the living room. I gasped, leapt up, and ran as fast as I could to the kitchen. My heart was pumping, ready to jump out of my chest. Little did I know, I was going to make the biggest discovery of my life, one that would change my life and the life of my children forever. There she was, my mom, crying in pain on the floor. A jar of chocopaste all over the floor, a piece of broken glass sticking in her toe. Apparently, she was making breakfast and when she opened the cabinet, the jar fell out. Not just on the floor, but right on her toe. I never thought that could hurt that much, but that was not the biggest thing that made this moment so unforgettable. Seeing my mom crying in pain shook up my whole reality. For the first time, I realized that my mom was not some superhero. She also could feel pain, so much pain that it could make her cry. I was left in disbelief! It became clear to me as a child that there was an unconscious belief in my head that my mom, like most adults, was perfect—or nearly perfect. I thought only children had flaws, parents and adults all knew the answers. I thought growing is something only children do, up until adulthood when you should have it all figured out. And if you weren’t, something was seriously wrong with you.

Uncover the Parent – Hero!

This is not the only story like this, many parents remembered a similar moment in their life where they realized that parents and adults were not some kind of superhero, but just “human.” If you take a moment, maybe you might remember a similar “hero-uncovering moment” in your life? A moment where you uncover the human behind the so-called imaginary hero. Maybe it was your own parent or with another adult?

Over the years as a psychologist, I became amazed with the impact of the disappointment when clients in their early adulthood uncovered their imaginary parent-heroes. I was struck by how deeply it affected them and the way they started to reevaluate the relationship with their parents. It had such an impact on them—they really felt deceived! It was like a big lie that overpainted the truth and pureness of what they thought was real life. There will come a moment in every child’s life where they will look back at how you have done as a parent. But what can we do different for our own children while trying to lead a pure life? How can we grow with them and stay closer to our essence? What if my mom was able to share more pure moments of imperfections while at the same time sharing more about her own growth process? What if she was able to talk in a playful way about the opposites that exist in life, rather than to hide them most of the time. If she was, this memory probably would not have stuck with me the way it did.


Today, I am a proud parent of three children, but I am also a child and health psychologist with over 17 years of experience working with families in the field. I know that most parents will hide things for their children out of the guided idea of “good parenting.” I do agree that we do not have to share everything with our children, but there is a golden zone. This golden zone is found in between the sharing and non-sharing and is marked with the possibility of growing together. I call it “the golden zone of growing together.” It is in this golden zone where the real magic about growth and life happens, and where your child can learn more about their pure self—and that of others. It is in this golden zone where your life and the life of your child might change forever! A place where you become the model for growth your child needs to handle real life as it is. In one of our printable children’s stories, we talk about the yellow light ball of life. Being more open about your yellow ball of life can help your child feel so much more connected with you, life, and themselves during this wonderful journey. Getting the most out of this golden zone is one of the reason why I created this platform.

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A balanced life is one in which we are comfortable with balance, imbalance, and everything in between.

We all want the best for our children and often wish for their road to be smooth. But life isn’t always perfect—it’s a mix of good and bad, easy and difficult, balance and imbalance! It is in those moments between the balance and imbalance that our children learn the most because this is when they must rely on themselves to choose: choose the road they want to follow, choose the emotions they want to harbor or let go of, choose how they want to let others treat them, and choose how they want to treat others and themselves. The world is constantly changing, and we must all change with it. As the world evolves, so must our children. Change is inevitable, but with the right guidance and support, it can be used to create positive growth and development for everyone at any age.

 Children grow and thrive best when they have a guide, a model or mentor who can show by demonstration how to be flexible and manage whatever comes up in life. Therefore A MOGO, a model for growth, is someone who believes in growing together with their child, someone who creates moments of deep connection through sharing about their own growth process during playful activities that nurture growth and help children to embrace the real world while uncovering their own growth potential.

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