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7-Day inspiring story and growing together week! Playfully learn how to live a balanced life!


  • part video story Mogo And The Big Secret of Life
  • Printable story Mogo And The Big Secret of Life
  • Mogo printable packet MAKE YOUR OWN MOGO
  • Mogo printable packet SELF KNOWLEDGE DOMINO (sensitive-responsive domino)
  • Mogo printable packet MY BIRTH STORY
  • Mogo printable packet EMOTION DOMINO
  • Mogo printable packet HAPPINESS BOX
  • Mogo activity sheet “Special sparkle card”
  • 3 VIDEO RECORDED GROWING TOGETHER ACTIVITIES (come with the video stories)

IF you decide to get started within the first 24 hours after watching the 3 steps method for unleashing new energy you will also receive:

  • A Free Bonus story “Mogo and the big Yellow Ball of life” to help you child connect early on with his essence.
  • A Free Sparkle Card. to help your child take care for their yellow ball of life
  • 3 Free Activity Sheets ” Big Yellow Ball”, to help you and your child relax, manage difficult times and create consciously beautiful fun and healthy family moments together.




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