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Your journey as a Holistic Resilience Journey Facilitator

Are you passionate about empowering children and families to thrive in the face of life’s challenges? Picture an approach that goes beyond conventional methods, embracing a holistic philosophy that acknowledges the intricate interplay of mind, body and spirit and dive into a world of holistic empowerment as you become a Certified Holistic Journey Resilience Facilitator. As a Certified Resilience Journey Facilitator you will support your clients by tapping into a whole brain and holistic approach to stimulate well-being and resilience like never before! Moreover you’ll be at the forefront of this paradigm shift, empowering your clients to navigate life’s challenges with newfound strength and resilience. You will be t taking children and families on a journey to discover all the resources they need to deal with the situation at hand. You will provide them with a variety of whole brain based tools, activities and self reflections to deal with lives twists and turns. In doing so you will use a holistic perspective so that every of your clients can benefit from a more integrated way of looking at mental health and well-being.



What You’ll Learn:


  • What is resilience from a holistic viewpoint: Gain insights into psychology of resilience to guide your practice effectively.
  • What is a whole brain approach : Gain insight into basic knowledge about the whole brain approach in your work.
  • How to foster resilience from a holistic viewpoint: Grasp the fundamental principles of resilience and its importance in psychological development
  • How to incorporate a Nature-Inspired approach for talking and enhancing resilience in children and families: Learn to use resilience strategies that draw inspiration from the beauty and wisdom of the natural world.
  • How to implement the 12-step Resilience Journey method: Develop the skills to organize and lead a comprehensive resilience journey for individual children and families
  • How to organize Child Group Resilience: Learn to provide impactful group resilience sessions in educational settings or in your own practice.
  • Establish Parent-Child Resilience Journey retreat weekends: Explore the steps to set up your own resilience discovery lab and retreatcentrum, creating a nurturing space for exploration and growth

Becoming a Whole Brain Resilience Facilitator opens up a world of knowledge and opportunities to guide children and families on their resilience journey. You’ll delve into the science behind resilience, gaining a deep understanding of the social ecological psychological aspects that contribute to stimulating resiliency in children and families.


What You’ll Receive during your training: 


1. 12-Part Psychoeducational Resilience Journey Video Series for Children and families: Gain exclusive access to a captivating video series designed for children. This interactive journey uses the metaphor of a flower in nature to teach resilience concepts. Each video comes with educational content and engaging tasks, allowing children to grasp the essence of resilience in a fun and memorable way.

2. Resilience Flower Material Map (printed and digital): Receive the  comprehensive resilience flower material map to guide your sessions. This includes a fill-in resilience poster that children can personalize, along with 10 cut-and-paste tools designed to help them build their unique resilience map. These materials facilitate hands-on learning and self-discovery.

3. Training Manual: Receive a detailed training manual crafted to assist you in organizing and leading your own holistic resilience journey sessions for families and children. This comprehensive guide covers everything from session planning to effective facilitation, ensuring you are well-prepared to make a meaningful impact.

4. Downloadable Resilience Puzzle Explanation Poster: Access a downloadable poster explaining the resilience puzzle. This resource is an excellent visual aid for both practitioners and children, breaking down the components of resilience in a clear and engaging manner.

5. Resilience Journey Board Game: Enhance the resilience journeys of your clients with a unique, vivid and nature inspired resilience game board that adds an element of fun and interaction. This game is designed to reinforce resilience concepts and promote active participation, creating an enjoyable learning experience for children.

.6. 16 Different educational sheets for parents and children (printable)

    • 1 x Shocking event educational sheet
    • 1 x Impact of trauma educational sheet
    • 1 x Trauma trigger educational sheet
    • 1 x Emotion educational sheet (part 1)
    • 1 x Emotion educational sheet (part 2)
    • 1 x Emotion in Body educational sheet
    • 1 x Resilience kid educational sheet (IOO)
    • 1 x Question Pillow
    • 1 x videostory “Bob and the cloud master” to talk with young children about resilience
    • 1x Coping educational sheet
    • 1 x Strengt educational sheet (part 1)
    • 1 x Strengt educational sheet (part 2)
    • 1 x Event Meter educational sheet
    • 1 x My Worldplan educational sheet
    • 1 x Social Network educational sheet
    • 1 x How to help educational sheet
    • 1 x I feel Safe educational sheet
    • 1 x I feel not safe educational sheet

Upon completing the training, you’ll be equipped to:

  • organize and facilitate the 12-steps child and family individual resilience journey
  • organize and facilitate the 12-steps child resilience journey groups in educational settings
  • organize and facilitate the 12-steps child resilience journey groups in own centre
  • organize and facilitate a Resilience Journey Holistic Parent-child Retreat
  • use the 12-steps approach in other parts of your work.
  • Receive information about opening a Resilience Discovery Lab for families and children.

.What ever you choose to do, you’ll be at the forefront of fostering resilience in a holistic way in order to improve well-being.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to fostering resilience in the hearts and minds of the future. Enroll now and embark on a fulfilling path of personal and professional growth as a Whole Brain Resilience Practitioner




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