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Take a look at what materials TOLI has prepared for you!

  • Learning selected attention with My happiness Box
  • Learning about my life with ┬áMy Birth Story
  • Learning about the positive things in life with the I love Life Poster
  • Learning about myself with Self Knowledge Challenge
  • Learning about my strengths with the Talent Banner
  • Learning to regulate my anger, with Time-outs
  • Learning to relax with the relaxation Poster
  • Learning to contribute to a strong family with the Family To Do list
  • Learning to deal with social conflicts with Sorry Cards
  • Learning to resolve conflicts with the Conflict Solution Poster
  • Learning about the Core Family Essentials with the 3 C’s
  • Learning to motivate yourself with the Reward Cards
  • Learning about the basic emotions with the Emotion Memory
  • Learning to express my emotions with my own Emotion Journal
  • Learning to express my emotions with “Emotion Signals
  • Learning to plam quality time with our Family Meetings planner
  • Learning to regulate stress with my Stress Diary
  • Learning about your support network with the “Support Garden
  • Learning to calm down when having test with “My Test Taking Help Sheets
  • Learning to unwind with the Unwind tree
  • Learning about who I am with my Norms and Values Tree
  • Learning to be proud on who I am with the Proud cards
  • Learning all about who I am with the 30 days drawing Challenge
  • Learning to deal with my emotions with the Coping Poster
  • Learning to keep a clean house with the Clean Up plan
  • Learning to care for others with Big Heart, Small heart
  • Learning about your fears with the anxiety journal
  • Learning to contribute to positive family roles with Sunshine person of the Week
  • Learning to relax with making your own relaxation corner
  • Learning all about emotions with the Emotion Poster
  • Learning to talk about your dreams with the Dream Journal
  • Learning to self care with the Hobby Poster
  • Learning to be gratefull with the gratitude Poster
  • Learning to live a healthy life with the Healthy Living Plan
  • Learning to deal with your emotions by music with Helpful Songs
  • Learning to deal with negative thoughts with Helpful Thoughts Tree
  • Learning to deal with personal challenges with “My personal
  • Learning to contribute to the house hold with My Chore Calendar
  • Learning to deal with boredeom with the “I am so bored box”
  • Learning all about emotions with the “Emotion Corner”
  • Learning about yours and others strenghts with the Compliment Box
  • Learning about your role in the world with “What I have to give”
  • Learning to express your needs with “A listening ear”
  • Learning to be structured and organised with the Daily Schedule Poster
  • Learning to express your dislikes in a positive manner with Dislikes Cards
  • Learning to express sadness with the ” I am Sad journal”
  • Learning to be organized in the mornings with the “My Morning plan”
  • Learning to talk about buyllying with the “I feel bullied”
  • Discovering your wishes for life with the “My Bucket List”
  • Learning about what makes you special with the “I am Special Poster”
  • Learning to express your frustrations in a positive way with the “frustration cards”
  • Learning to talk and deal with your worries with the worry cards
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