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My Unwind List. Unwind now! Unwind now so you can learn how to stay balanced in an imbalanced world!


This growth bundle is a downloadable product consisting of 1 growth bundle with 10 pages of work materials. After purchase, you can find the materials in your account.

This growth bundle belongs to materials box Relax Package Part 1.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated by everyday life? My Unwind List helps create meaningful moments of growing together and dealing with overstimulation, busy behavior, or emotional overload. Through our unique list-making experience, you can learn to discover and handle moments of overstimulation so that you can grow together in building essential skills like mindfulness, self-awareness, and resilience. Try it today and start  both growing in feeling more relaxed and in control of your emotions.

This growth bundle is supportive to use in building resilience and mental wellness in your child and family.

  • Growth Bundle My Unwind List (10 pages).

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