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As a therapist, psychologist or coach, you understand the importance of equipping children and families with the necessary tools to navigate life’s challenges. Our carefully curated Whole Brain Resilience approach, will provide professionals  knowledge and tools to take families and children on a 12-step journey, to foster resilience and promote mental well-being in an engaging child and family centered manner.

Welcome at the Whole Brain Resilience Institute!

Through our “Whole Brain Resilience Journey” 12- step approach we present a distinctive and captivating experience crafted to aid children in enforcing resources for resilience and well-being through a comprehensive whole-brain approach.


At the Whole Brain Resilience Institute, we firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to embark on a journey, reflecting on the essential resources needed to thrive in life and navigate challenges with resilience. Every child deserves a dedicated partner in this pursuit of a bright and meaningful future and we belief you can be that person!

Whole brain approach

Our Holistic Resilience Journey training institute is renowned for its distinctive methodology and training program, seamlessly integrating visual, creative and experience based child-friendly tools with profound knowledge on holistic well-being and resilience. As a Holistic Resilience Practitioner you will be trained in using our holistic and whole-brain approach targeting different cognitive domains. The integration of logical but also creative thinking, optimized by a multi sensory nature-based and science-based approach is a very important part of our method and training program. By engaging multiple brain areas simultaneously, our whole-brain approach taps into diverse learning styles so that every child and family will benefit from this resilience journey, as children may have varying preferences and strengths in how they absorb and retain information. Activities that stimulate different parts of the brain are also more likely to create lasting impressions. A holistic whole-brain approach that support children and families to go on a journey to find the resources they need to deal with life challenges, also enhances the retention of information by making learning experiences more memorable and engaging.

Why Resilience from a social ecological lens?

In today’s dynamic world, adaptability is a crucial skill that individuals need to thrive. Resilience, viewed through a social ecological lens, is paramount in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of today’s world. The social ecological perspective displayed in our “Holistic Resilience Journey” considers the interplay between individuals and their environments, recognizing that resilience is not merely an individual trait but a dynamic interaction between personal strengths and external influences. Integrating a holistic, whole-brain approach in resilience-building strategies recognizes that adaptability is not solely about individual cognitive skills. It involves understanding and navigating the intricate social, cultural, and environmental factors that shape individuals’ experiences.

 Nature-inspired resilience

In our fast-paced lives, the connection to nature often takes a back seat. However, research has shown the incredible positive effects nature has on mental health and overall well-being.  As a Holistic Resilience Journey Practitioner, you’ll not only navigate social and ecological systems but also tap into the healing embrace of nature to enhance your clients’ resilience journey. During our training program professionals will learn how to use resilience strategies that draw inspiration from the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. As we navigate the external world, it’s equally crucial to embark on an introspective journey. The Holistic Resilience Journey is designed not only to unravel the wonders of outer nature but also to guide families and children in tapping into the vast landscapes of their inner nature. This holistic approach recognizes the connections of our external and internal worlds, fostering a profound sense of self-awareness and resilience.

Get to know some of our Whole Brain Resilience child-friendly materials

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What other professionals are saying 


"This website contains a wealth of materials for professionals to use. It is beautiful and practical material created by very knowledgeable experts."

Augeo FoundationEdith Geurts, Marga Haagmans

Working with "the resilience flower resource chart" became a very interesting journey for me together with trainers and colleagues. The depth of this instrument was revealed to me. This tool provides an opportunity together with the client, be it a child or an adult, to understand what it takes them to persevere in difficult situations, to seek and invent new opportunities to move forward.
Many thanks for the opportunity to think and take care of yourself during the training. This was important precisely now, when I, as a specialist from Ukraine, am going through my own experience of the war in my country.

Anna Kukuruza (Ukraine)PhD, Executive director, Charity Fund Early Intervention Institute, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

"The Mental Box is a very nice collection of the tools I have been collecting for many years. Until now all scattered over many separate interventions and searches. It answers many help questions that I encounter in day-to-day practice. Nice that a combo can be made between downloads, stories, audio and videos. Always a form or several forms that suit clients. Furthermore, a layout with soft colors is used and that is very appealing. All in all, it is clear to see that a lot of time and energy has been put into the Mental Box "reach beyond your practice" by people who know what connects with children and adolescents."

Valerie Smeets (Dutch)Director at Somnium

I have spent hours searching everywhere for appropriate tools and materials. With this platform, I have found all I need in one place . The materials are refreshing and the themes are very relevant. There is clearly a lot of thought put into this!

Gladwina LeitoLecturer Agogic courses

What a great website! There are many useful tools and it is nice to have everything together on 1 platform. The layout is very calm and child-friendly. It invites a child to actually use it. My compliments!

Ayelle MartisPsychologist

"I love their materials". I bought the copingposter a while ago. It helped us a lot in how we deal with emotions at our home. Most of all it made me aware in how I can be more open about how I deal with emotions. I made me and grew my child grow closer!

Els PeetersCopingposter and reflecting on my own life!

" I love all of their products, I am a big fan!"

FaradayLove it!
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