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At Mogo’s World, we apply the most innovative science in neurobiology and psychology to nurture the full potential of children’s brain.”

“Why? Scientific studies have shown that people who use both hemispheres in an integrated way face life’s challenges more successfully.”

“Did you know that science has found that people, including children, that are using different brain areas in a harmonized way have a better foundation for lasting wellbeing and resilience? This can directly affect their daily performance.”


Imagine children’s brain as a Team of Superheroes

Imagine children’s brain like a team of superheroes, each with special powers. These superheroes need to work together and talk to each other to keep the child feeling good, thinking clearly and bounce back after difficult situations. When they do, their brain is integrated and it will result in: 

    1. Handling Big Emotions better: Because if children are  feeling really angry, scared or emotionally overwhelmed, the teamwork of their superheroes can help them stay calm and figure out what to do next.
    2. Making Good Choices: Because if children do not know what to do, the good teamwork of their superheroes can support them to make good decisions and deal with life’s challenges.
    3. Understanding Others better: because if children do see or understand yours or others point of view,  the good teamwork of their superheroes can make it easier to understand themselves, others and world around them better and connect even more deeply.  
    4. Thinking & Solving Problems better: because if children are to rigidly focused on one thing or just feels chaotic in their head the good teamwork of the superheroes can help them to come up with helpful or creative solutions to deal with complex situations of life’s ups and down.

Research on resilience shows that we can use certain resources to help us recover and stay well during tough times. Having an integrated brain helps you connect with and use these resources effectively.


Through captivating storytelling, effective integrative communication methods, self-reflection exercises, and special designed strategies, Mogo and his companions gently guide children through his Magical Forest to discover and cultivate diverse techniques to uplift their brain function and improve overall wellbeing and resilience.  Each Able Hero represents a unique brainpower, but when they join forces, they offer invaluable support in helping your child navigate life’s challenges.

Welcome to Cerebrokits: A Fun and Easy Way to Integrate the Brain and build resources for wellbeing an resilience early on!

At Cerebrokits, we’ve created a very enjoyable and simple method to integrate different areas of the brain and playfully help children to build resources for resilience and wellbeing. With Cerebrokits, Mogo takes children on an exciting adventure in his Magical Forest, providing them with:

  • 20 Strategies to start changing how they face daily challenges with a holistic brain approach.
  • 20 Stories for reflection that make it easy to discuss important topics.
  • 1 Mogo Holistic Communication Pillow to help parents and professionals ask the right questions, strengthening connection and trust, and providing children with self-regulation.
  • 1 Interactive Magic Forest Wall
  • 80 Interactive self-reflection resilience and wellbeing images

Join us on this journey to make learning about resilience and wellbeing fun, enjoyable and a resource your child will have for life!

sents a unique brainpower, but when they join forces, they offer invaluable support in helping your child navigate life’s challenges.


  • Able is the integrator, he ensures that all the Able Heroes collaborate seamlessly together to build well-being and resilience.
  • Emily is the Able Hero who guides children in nurturing their body and emotions.
  • Noah is the Able Hero who encourages holistic thinking about life, nature, and the world.
  • Conny is the Able Hero who fosters meaningful relationships and connections. 
  • Ramon is the Able Hero who inspires logical thinking and reflection.
  •  Danny is the Able Hero who empowers children to take action.

receive all the materials you need to start cultivating resilience and wellbeing through a Whole Brain approach.


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